About Us

W.W. Rowland Trucking Co. Inc is a leading transportation company based in Houston, Texas since 1971. We offer a variety of services including local, regional, and OTR trucking, secure drop lots, and container yard storage, repair, and custom modifications services.


W.W. Rowland Trucking Company, Inc. was founded in 1971 in Houston, Texas to provide local cartage throughout the Houston, Texas area.


Founder, W. W. Rowland expanded his business into intermodal trucking for various beneficial cargo owners, steamship lines and railroads.


As a result of the growing international sector of its business, W.W. Rowland Trucking Company expanded its service offering into the container depot services. By adding this new offering, WWinners Container Services was formed and the Rowland team established itself as pioneer in the container storage and repair industry.

Throughout the 1970’s W.W. Rowland expanded its intermodal trucking offerings to beneficial cargo owners, custom house brokers, foreign freight forwarders, NVOCCs, and ocean carriers establishing a trusted partnership that continues to expand and flourish to this day.


Extended services to open terminal in Laredo, Texas


W.W Rowland Trucking Company and WWinners Container Services joined forces and opened a terminal in Dallas, Texas.


W.W. Rowland Trucking Company opened a small satellite office inside the Southern Pacific Railroad yard in San Antonio, Texas, establishing truck operations


The Memphis terminal opened


W.W. Rowland Trucking Company began its Dry Van (Asset Based) transportation services. Purchased property in San Antonio, Texas to develop WWinners Container Services and continue to grow


The El Paso terminal opened


The Nashville terminal opened


The San Antonio terminal opened in Van Ormy, Texas, 3.5 miles from the newly opened Union Pacific Railroad.


W.W. Rowland Trucking Company opened a small satellite yard inside Twin Cities in El Paso, Texas.


W.W. Rowland Trucking Company and WWinners Container Services built a new 24-acre facility north of Laredo, Texas within 13 miles of the Union Pacific Railroad


The Fort Worth, Texas terminal opened after purchasing five (5) acres of land to develop a new trucking yard


For nearly 50 years W.W. Rowland Trucking Company and WWinners Container Services have been one of the largest container yard and intermodal trucking in its strategic network of locations.


Mission and Values

As a leader in the intermodal transportation industry, the W.W. Rowland Trucking Company and WWinners Container Services are dedicated to customer satisfaction. With our quality process, we continue to develop and maintain open communication with our customers and employees. The Rowland team’s commitment to integrity, safety, and service awareness will result in a sustainable partnership for all.

Our Team


W.W. Rowland

Founder & Chief Executive Officer


Jane L. Arbuthnot

Chief Financial Officer


Jason Trent

Vice President of Business Development


Sergio Escobedo

Vice President of Operations


Kevin Anderson

Director of Safety